3 Tips to Create Content that Stands Out

THIS statistic right here is CRAZY. On top of that, EVERYONE and their mother is creating content that seems like what YOU should be creating. Hmmm...

Recently, several of my clients asked the question, “how do I create content that attracts AND stands out from everyone else in my niche?”

How many of you are overwhelmed by the amount of content you see every day?

How often do you feel frustrated with yourself that someone in your niche came up with the idea first? Are you annoyed that it’s sometimes hard to come up with consistent posts and stories?

I get it, boss. I’ve been there.... and then I discovered 3 main focal points that got me from Insta-hiatus to Insta-boss! Read below or watch the video here!

How Do I Create Content that Stands out?

Research, research, research Know your audience, know what they want.

Do the proper research, and the rest comes easy!

Does it align with your knowledge and your passion? Is it a topic that lights you up when you talk about it? Is it a topic that gets you out of your chair? People can sense your energy and authenticity (or lack there-of) through the camera. Don’t give them B.S.

Give them your 100%.

Incorporate your brand and pillars into the content What makes you stand out? What makes YOU you? Incorporate that in the content you create. No one but you is YOU.

P.S., If you want to create content that will help you stand out from the crowd in your chosen platform, watch my free training about creating content that generates clients here. You're gonna love it!