3 Steps to Scale Your Business

Many ask, how can I get more people? How can I grow my business? How can one scale their own business to increase their clients/revenue?

There is a common denominator that I have found, and it is that when the CEO or the founder feels stuck and acts stuck, they will try to control every little thing.

If this sounds all too familiar, stop.

In doing this, you’re preventing progress and preventing your team from doing what they need to do. 

As I spoke to the several businesses that I connected with, each of the founders/CEO’s wanted to hold onto their service positions.

This is referring to tasks that could have been delegated to their team, but instead they wanted to do it themselves. 

If you’re wanting to know how to scale your business and grow, you need to let your team focus on working with the client in carrying out services or performing administrative work.

If you’re a designer and you have a junior designer, let your junior designer focus on the work, you only focus on revisions and then your main focus can be on growing the company and gaining more clients.

The CEO/CO should not be focusing on day to day tasks such as creating and editing videos.

However, if you’re a designer or photographer and that is your passion, then that's okay. But your main focus should be on growing your business and keeping future clients in mind.


Typically, if you’re a coach your tasks should not be administrative related things but connecting with potential clients, lead generation building tryst, and forming a relationship with future clients. 

So a quick take away on how to scale your business:

1) Be a CEO. Be that CEO that you are.

2) Hire out. Outsourcing is your best friend.

3) Use your team so that you can focus on lead generation and getting more clients and lastly putting out fires.

The second and third are my favorite tips. If you and your team are doing your job well, you will rarely have to put out fires. 

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