3 Hard Truths of a Social Media Expert

There are 3 hard truths of a social media expert.

Here's the tea:

  1. If this isn’t for you, and you’re forcing it anyways, prepare for some major anxiety attacks, insecurity and SOS calls. The fact that everyone is doing it too does not mean that you have to as well. Just because you’ve been a blogger does not mean you have to force yourself to be a social media coach/expert/manager if every time you work, you cringe. Just because every other social media expert says they make thousands of dollars each month, that’s not always the case. And if you don’t, then that doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you do, and you still dread your days, your work, this isn’t for you. And it’s okay.

  2. You’ll do hours of research and analyzing updates and algorithms. This is the less glamorous portion of online social media businesses that people rarely talk about. But without it, you’re just someone who uses social media 24/7 and has access to Google. And honey, that’s not enough. ❤️

  3. You may be a social butterfly online, but this job is actually a lonely one. You’re holed up in your room/office/café, lost in your thoughts/phone/laptop, growing accounts, engaging with clients and their target audience and exercising those cute little fingers. In-person and community interaction is completely different than virtual connections. Although it helps to have an online tribe, if you’re a natural extrovert, this job will underwhelm your need to be energetically fed by other human beings.

You may be a social butterfly online, but this job is actually a lonely one.

But if you LOVE it, if you’re PASSIONATE about managing social media accounts, about spending hours a day glued to a screen, then don’t let this stop you.

Because trust me, the reward, the outcome, the gratitude you receive from clients is amazing.

But let this post simply be a reminder that any online income source may not be all cupcakes and rainbows.